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We'll try to make this brief and easy to understand.  We believe in old-fashioned honesty, integrity, and doing business accordingly.

We promise that the information provided in item descriptions are accurate to the best of our abilities and not written to be deceptive or otherwise misleading.  We will point out the good and the bad and provide images where possible.

Please ask questions!  You are an active part of the purchase process.  Make sure that it is exactly what you think it is BEFORE you bid.  We just a little "mom and pop" working hard to make a little extra money as we downsize and head into our retirement years.

We really do want you to be happy and believe that communication is the key.  But we cannot read minds and in the end, cannot afford to absorb losses due to assumptions, unrealistic expectations, buyers remorse, etc.  If you have a question, ask.  We are nice people :)

All items, unless otherwise noted, are sold as is.™ and WebFarmer™ are the property of Victory Horticultural Group, LLC
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Trivia Note:  The background on this page is a pattern of Formica® laminate called "Skylark" but nicknamed "Boomerang."  Popularized in the 1950s, it was created by the famous industrial designer Raymond Lowey (1893-1986).


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