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1950 Ford F-2
3/4 Ton "Bonus Built" Pickup

Do you want to drive a classic "Million Dollar Cab" Ford Pick-up? Looking for a candidate for a Pro-Touring or Street Rod build? Are you a business owner looking for a classic truck to be used as a unique, drivable marketing tool? Maybe you are a purist and want to do a factory original restoration.

Don't start with a rusted out, field-find shell! This "barn-stored" truck is complete. You won't have to spend hours at swap meets and on eBay hunting for too many bits and pieces. Priced to near NADA Guides "Low Retail" end of the scale.

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(Reasonable offers will be considered.)
You are responsible for picking up or arranging for transportation.

Note: If you are not local and do not already have a hauler lined up, the one that seems to get high ratings on eBay is As a disclaimer, I know nothing about them other than they seem to be well-established, get good reviews, and give free estimates. Again, I know nothing about them so this is in no way a personal recommendation.



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  • 226 cu. in. 6 Cylinder Flathead Engine
  • 95 HP, 6.8:1 Compression Ration, 180 ft.-lbs. Torque
  • Odometer is at just over 100,000
  • 3-speed transmission on the floor
  • 122 inch wheelbase
  • 5,700 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

A Bit of History 

This Truck's History - Our truck was owned and used as a farm truck (pick up supplies, pull a hay trailer during haying time, etc.) by my cousin's father-in-law.  He was the second owner who reportedly purchased it from the original owner in the late 1950s.

He passed away and I purchased it from the estate on June 8, 2005.  Since it is a rare example of an unmodified 1950 Ford, one that has been store out of the weather its whole life, my intention was to restore this vehicle and use it in parades and shows as a marketing tool for our heirloom seed company.

It appears to be in solid, and structurally well maintained shape, at least considering it is a presumably original, un-restored, nearly 70 year old pickup truck. The interior was worn out so I purchased an interior kit from Mac's, which is still all new in the boxes and will be included with the sale.

It has the power plant and running gear, it drove here to the farm, but has been sitting for 12 years. I have no information regarding the condition of the engine but I assume that someone interested in restoring the truck will rebuild everything afresh anyway, and those interested in a Resto-Mod, Hot Rod, Pro Touring truck, etc., will yank and install modern equipment. If you are interested in learning about the old Flathead 6 that is in it, click here.

But alas, life is busy and priorities change so I am offering it for sale, as is, and entertaining reasonable offers.

And that is everything I know about the truck.  We drove it to the farm back in 2005 and have stored it in a climate controlled shop since 2005. It has not been started up or driven from its spot since.

We have not done anything with this vehicle other than to store it.  If you are interested and would like to make an offer, please do your research first and contact me at:

Reasonable offers will be considered.

General History - Starting in 1948, the design of the Ford Truck series was streamlined and included what Ford called the "Million Dollar Cab."  It was named after the budget Ford spent on the design.

These designs were used in the whole truck line which Ford numbered so as to easily distinguish the capacities - from the half ton F-1 to the three ton, heavy duty F-8.  Ford called these trucks "Bonus Built."

The "Million Dollar Cab" offered the Ford labeled "Easy Chair Comfort."  That is, a bench seat made from individually padded coil springs and padded with cotton batting.  The seat was adjustable forwards and back on a metal track to accommodate drivers of varying heights. The seat back was also adjustable from upright to a relaxed posture.

The ventilation system of the "Million Dollar Cab" was also improved. It consisted of vent windows in the doors, a large ventilator on the cowl that deflected air onto passenger's legs, and an optional heater/defroster.  Although these features are considered as standard and basic in modern vehicles, they were huge features in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The line changed very little from 1948 through 1952 except that they changed the slogan from "Bonus Built" to "Power Pilot Economy" in 1951.


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Front Driver Side View Front View Front Passenger Side View
Driver View Hub Cap Rear View
Fender & Running Board Assembly Hood & Related Parts Assembly Grill Assembly
Firewall Plate Glove Box Plate Engine Marking
Emblem Floor Pedals Master Cylinder
Instrument Panels Vent? Roof Liner
(New interior kit fixes this!)
Interior Interior Behind the Seats
Door Parts Cowl Vent Horn
(It Works!)

Lubrication Diagram Wiring Schematic Wiring Drawing
Magazine Ad   Rear Axle Assembly

General 1950 Stats




Source: Jim's 48 Ford Page



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