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We'll try to make this brief and easy to understand. We believe in old-fashioned honesty and integrity, and doing business accordingly. We do our very best to accurately describe each and every item, as well as its condition, include as many photographs as is reasonable, and give you every opportunity to Contact Us with any questions that you might have PRIOR to placing your order.

We are at that point in life, where after many decades or accumulating and collecting, we are actively working to find new homes, the right homes, for our possessions. We are old-time business owners who believe in the Golden Rule, and are not looking to make a quick buck. We really do want each and every item to make it into the hands of people that will be happy with the purchase, and hopefully have it bring them years of joy before they pass it along to the next owner.

Please ask questions if you do not see the answer already in the description. You are an active participant in the purchasing process. Please, do your research, read the descriptions carefully, ask us anything that is not clear, and don't impulse buy. Make sure that it is exactly what you think it is BEFORE you buy it. Again, if you have a question, ask.

We really do want you to be happy with the transaction and believe that communication is the key. We cannot read minds and in the end, cannot afford to absorb losses due to your assumptions, unrealistic expectations, buyers remorse, etc. Although experienced business people, we are just a little "Mom and Pop" working hard to make a little extra money as we downsize, simplify, and head into our retirement years.

All sales are final and all items, unless otherwise noted, are sold "AS IS" and with no warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied. No Returns.